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Order 3 Runtal Radiators on 10/31/11. They charged my credit card and have my money.

Finally 2 of the 3 showed up on 1/25/12. When I question the rep Christy, she tells me to calm down, no need to get angry. I want to know what is going on with the 3 radiator. She tells me she is waiting for "her" warehouse to get back to her.

How long should this take? She told me the order should take 6 to 8 weeks. it been at least 13 weeks! Sent several e-mails and numerous phone calls.

How would you feel. I need help.

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We never ordered it and never ship it, the salespeople are just there to answer the phone and lie to you to keep your order open.

As long as order is open, we have your money (that's why we charge the CC right away and wait weeks to ship, if we really do ship)

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