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On July 8, 2012 I ordered a corner sink from Home Perfect, an online store. I checked Rip-Off Reports to make sure it was a reputable company and I found nothing about the company so I felt the transaction would go smoothly. After two and a half weeks of placing my order I called to check the status and (I knew it was originally on back order so I thought 2 weeks would be time enough) I was told it would be shipped from the distributor to Home Perfect that week then they would ship it out to me. I checked back on July 27th and was told the same exact thing.

On 26 Nov 12, FINALLY the truth came on a product I purchased with my credit card on 14 Nov 12. That product was on back order and they had no idea when it would come in. Not only did they lie to about the status of the order, they kept me on hold for a MINIMUM of 10 to 19 minutes each time I called. At one point I was on hold for so long I picked up my cell phone and called on another line only to have the same person answer that call while I was still waiting on the other line. Not only did this hold up my plumber, it will cost me additional money I willl NEVER order anything from that company again, and still waiting on 2w items in my order. I was told that the product would be available around the second week in December 12. One if the item went on sale and since I don't have the item.

I requested to have the sales price. I was told I couldn't have the sales price and would have to cancel the original order. CRAZY - Overstock.com is a better!

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is this real?

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