I placed a number of orders with Home Perfect over the summer months, and when everything works, it works. But as soon as there is a problem, oh boy!

My last order was for 3 Duravit mirrors, for a total exceeding $1100. Number 1 shows up, broken. Now, 6 weeks later, a return is still pending and no refund. Number 2 arrived, broken, and interestingly that one was picked up, 4 days later!

No refund and no replacement, however. Number 3 apparently also broke in transit, and no delivery attempt was made. No refund, no replacement. I, meanwhile, have shown great tolerance and flexibility: Suggest another brand that you can ship properly!

No. Replace and use white glove shipping, I'll pay for the extra shipping (up to a point)! No. Get me a refund!

No can do, we're "investigating", which can take up to 90 days.

I am still waiting. So, trust me, SHOP ELSEWHERE!

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Before ordering i called and asked if they have the lights that i wanted and they said yes. SO i put the order on sept 23rd and until today, oct 9th they have not shipped my order.


We apologized to the customer regarding the issue with the mirrors arriving damaged. We did everything in our shipping process to ensure there was no damage.

However, when a product leaves our hands, therein runs a risk of damage. The customer was refunded promptly upon his notification of damage, within 2-3 business days.

We declined to attempt to ship any more mirrors to him, as we shipped 4, and all 4 arrived damaged. I am not sure as to his claim that we did not process refund, it was processed immediately and he received an email confirming it was done.

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